An end-of-life vehicle (or ELV) is a car or light commercial vehicle with a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes which is to be disposed of by the registered owner. Owners of intact end-of-life cars and vans must deposit such vehicles at an appropriately permitted or licensed authorised treatment facility (ATF). When one of these vehicles is deposited at an authorised treatment facility, the owner will receive a certificate of destruction

The disposal of end-of-life vehicles is controlled because they can pose a threat to the environment. This is largely because of the hazardous materials contained in end-of-life vehicles. These include, for example, lead acid batteries, fluids including lubricating oil, coolant, brake fluid, and catalytic convertors, all of which must be disposed of safely in order to prevent pollution.

McLaughlin Car Breakers Ltd Is An Authorised Treatment Facility .

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